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17 January 2011 @ 02:37 am
Round Robin Character Creation, anyone?  
'What is this?', you might ask and if you do, thank you for doing so! Basically, it's a game I sometime plays with my sister chibiangle and it goes like this:

1. First person decides a genre of fiction, a piece of music or an AMV to set the tone and then writes up the outlines of a character.
2. Second (and third or however many people join) person makes up another character that somehow is connected to the first – a relative, a nemesis, a lover or even someone who's just destined to interact with Character One somehow.
3. First person replies with yet another character or elaborates on the first character or writes a piece of plot or a scene with at least one of the characters in it.
4. Second (or third or forth...) person does the same (new character/elaborating/piece of plot/scene).
5. Keep going until it gets boring or someone decides they want put it all together into an actual story ;)

So, anyone want to play? If someone does, this is my first move:

Genre: Urban fantasy
Inspiration: This AMV
Arden is a deceptively withdrawn and shy man, who strived to be kind and gentle. He's handsome enough, but that's usually not noticeable, as he rarely wears clean clothes or showers. The last time he lived in an actual house or apartment was about ten years ago – no one has asked him why and if they did, he'd probably not tell them.
He's insanely loyal to the few people he knows (a steadily shrinking number, which is the fault of various outside forces), to the point of it being unhealthy. If he deems someone worthy of being his friend, he'll do anything not to lose that friendship, not matter what it might cost him personally. So maybe it's a good thing he rarely makes any lasting connections.
He also has a knack for bending reality to his will – he can do anything from turning himself invisible to making a staircase into an endless loop to lighting a city block on fire. Of course, if he overdoes this he'll end up with a migraine, a nose bleed or coughing up blood. Who knows, maybe be it could even kill him...
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Listening to: The Walk - Imogen Heap