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Yuletide 2010 - The Letter

Ah Yuletide, you always make me smile! And hello too my Secret Santa, who may or may not be reading this.

This is basically a copy-pasted and slightly updated version of previous Yuletide letters I've written, so there's no need to check back on them, should you be so inclined (I'm assuming you're interested in my more specific wishes if you took the time to come read this).

I do however have a huge list of kinks and squicks (gen as well as smut) over here if you're feeling really advanced.


Here's the abridged version, with fandom specific details:

Quick Glossary (just in case)
OTP = One True Pairing. If one has a OTP in any fandom, one rarely likes pairing the characters involved with anyone but the preferred partner.
UST = Unresolved Sexual Tension. Two (or more) characters are in love/lust and thus act rather awkward/lusty/however they now react, around one another.
H/C = Hurt/Comfort. One characters get hurt (to what degree may wary, it's all from disappointment to torture) and another character comforts them.

There isn't really a genre I don't like. Be it angst, fluff, AU or strictly canon, I'll read it and love it as long as the plot's interesting and the characters act like themselves.

The only thing I really have to say on this, is that I'd prefer a happy ending rather than a really sad one. As I'll be reading the fic close to X-mas and the New Year I'd like to be happy. So even if death!fic and unrequited love can be beautifully written, it'd likely dampen my holiday spirit.

On the other hand, I relish angst with a happy ending or h/c *evil grin*

Smut, especially if any of my favorite characters or OTPs are involved, is always welcomed and looked upon with gratitude and pleasure. However, I do actually prefer plot, even with my smut. If I had to choose, I'd pic a plot-y, UST-filled PG-13 fic over a NC-17 wam-bam-thank you ma'am PWP any day (especially if the UST is resolved, at least a little, at the end of the fic).

In other words, NC-17 is welcome, as long as the fic doesn't feel like it could be any two characters having sex, for absolutely no reason.

Things That Make Me Happy
1. Anticipation, tension and suspense. Be it UST, a manhunt for a dangerous killer or a rush against time to save someone's life – if it keeps me on the edge of my seat, I'm happy.
2. Messing with gender roles, in any way.
3. Culture-clashes, where both cultures are seen as equals, only different.
4. “Realistic” takes of cartoons. People actually bleeding and dying for a change, children having parents and not just popping up out of the ground; those sort of things.
5. Plot-twists I adore, as long as they make sense.
6. Slash, het or femslash – they're all good as long as there's chemistry in the pairing. I do however prefer the main pairing to include at least one of my favorite characters and I am very attached to my OTPs (they are listed by fandom further down). But secondary pairings are of course also possible and welcome.
7. Kidnappings, for any reason. I don't know why, I just like that kind of plots. And it's more for the "rescue" part of the plots such actions tend to involve, especially if it is a more unexpected character saving a more "rescuer"-like character.
8. Vulnerability for otherwise "strong" characters. Through being wounded, kidnapped, drugged, bested (even if the person's just pretending to lose to please someone else) or in any other way you can think of.
9. Role reversals (usual rescuer being rescued, “weaker” character saves the day, otherwise more worldy character is courted/secdues/approached by otherwise more “naive” character, etc.)
10. More fandom specific stuff further down....

Things That Make Me...Less Happy
1. Character-bashing. I seldom hate characters in any of the fandoms I'm in, and if I did, I'd just prefer them to be kept out of the fic, not made even stupider/more annoying than they already are.
2. Out Of Character behavior, i.e. making a canon character a villian, just because the plot needs one = no thank you.
3. Word clichés/Purple prose. “Those hands/eyes/other body parts” is a good example I prefer to have avoided. Any description or other sentence that you've read a thousand times in a thousand other fics/books goes into this category.
4. Descriptions instead of names. It gets confusing. Once or twice in a long text to create diversity is fine, but reading sentences like “the doctor said to his friend that the food was cold and the detective answered...” when one knows perfectly well that the people in question are Holmes and Watson = no thank you.
5. Scat, golden showers and beastiality. Perhaps a rare thing to be offered during Yuletide, or any general challenge for that matter, but I like to cover my bases.
6. High School AUs or anything that has to do with schools in general - unless it's canon of course. I've just read far too many fics with that as a theme. Same goes for sports. No AUs where the main characters are football players/swimmers/dancers, please.
7. Plots centered around amnesia or memory loss, main characters switching bodies, sex changes (I usually like this in original fiction, but as with so many other things, I've seen it too often and thus grown tired of it)

Things Concerning Sex (These things make me smile)
(In other words; ignore this, if there's no sex involved in your fic)
1. “Hot Spots”, i.e. one or both of the characters in a pairing see starts when they, for example, have their ear licked or stomach caressed.
2. Foreplay and teasing (both verbal and otherwise). Doesn't actually have to lead to sex – the teasing is fun it itself.
3. Playful dominance/submission. Nothing too serious and preferably inisiated by the “sub”. Small gestures, such as holding the other's hands still, biting, rough play, verbally dominating someone...
4. Vanilla sex. Although kinky is wonderful, I don't require it to like the smut; as long as the characters are themselves and interact believably, I'll love you for it!

Fandom Specifics (Original Sign-Up info is in red)

A Knight's Tale
For some reason I just love Chaucer/Wat. I can't quite explain it, but every new fic with them in it makes my day. Also I have a love of AUs.
As this is AKT we're talking about historical accuracy isn't exactly what it's famous for and I love it for that! Feel free to use elements from actual history and twist them whatever way you like.
I admit Chaucer/Wat is a bit of an OTP for me - but that doesn't mean I mind them having had previous relationships! Characters with history of all kinds is always wonderful.
As for alternate universes I'm a huge scifi and fanasy geek, just saying ;)
Tags: Geoffrey Chaucer, Wat, Alternate Universe, M/M, Explicit

Eddie Izzard - Standup Routines
Last year there was an amazing gift fic - not given to me but amazing non the less - of a stand-up routine Izzard-style and I loved it. Thus I would adore something similiar or something just "Izzard-y" for the holidays. See this letter for ideas of topics to try and wrangled together into a narrative or just go wild on your own!
So, uhm, topics! Well, let's go with: the moon, baking, cats, the rainforest, video games, the French Revolution and cellphones.
Also don't feel like you have to write your fic as a first person stand-up routine! As long as the Izzard-humor is present in all its randomness I'm pretty much up for anything.
Tags: Eddie Izzard, Humor, Gen, General Audiences

Ponyo/Gake no Ue no Ponyo
These two made such an interesting couple - I would love to know more about the world they inhabit (the more "magical" side if you will) and their relationship; how it started, how they act when they're together, how others see them, etc.
Canon or AU doesn't really matter and neither do including other characters from the movie - do as you wish! Though an early look at their relationship would be nice. What did Fujimoto do before he was a wizard under the sea? Did he have family? Friends? Is he even from our world? How did Grandmammare and he fall in love?
The reason I chose "explicit" as raiting is that the few fics I've found that explore their relationship have been good, but rated PG-13 at the most. In short, explicit het with pairings that interest me (yes I have a weakness for het where the woman could be said to be more powerful/dominant than the man, so sue me) is rare and thus I want some, simple as that.
I thought I'd just point out gigant!woman regulare-sized!man sex isn't really my thing. I don't at all mind her being taller than him (which she is if I remember correctly) nor do I mind him being in the palm of her hand in other situations, so to speak, but there are certain aspects of giant!woman sex that don't appeal to me (i.e. the potential for vore and disappearing into orfices in general).
Still smut isn't all I'm after and I'd be just as happy with any fic that focus on those two and their relationship! After all, plot is much more fun than just porn.
Tags: Fujimoto, Granmammare, Romance, F/M, Explicit

I keep requesting this year after year, hoping someone will finally write it. Basically I'd love a more "realistic" take on the Thundercats' world. You know, non-Disney-deaths, romantic relationships that move beyond shy looks and such, without it being out of character. Any and all pairings, interpretations of the Thunderian society and even alternate universes are more than welcome! All I ask is that Tygra plays a big part - he's always been my favorite character for some reason.
Yeah, I've always been a huge geek for Thundercats - it was my first ever fandom and my friends and I played it all the time when we were younger. Naturally this means the show has great nostalgic value for me, but also that rewatcing it tends to be a bit of a disappointment now that I'm old enough to notice all the heavy handed messeges in the episodes. As said before, I'd love a more realistic take on their world and its inhabitants; reasons for war other than "the mutants are evil and want power", how Thuderian society works in more detail (they're the "good guys" yet they're not a democracy, just saying). I'm not overly interested in Third Earth to be honest, or the mutants or Mumm-Ra. I wouldn't mind any of that being involved in the plot, but I find the Thunderian society to be the most fascinating part of the show.
Tags: Tygra, Alternate Canon, Gen, Mature
Tags: yuletide

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