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Bad News

I might have to default from Inception Big Bang and didn't even have the time tell anyone more ahead of time :(

The fic will still be written, but it won't make the deadline since my exams got all weird (they kept switching dates on us - the last tricky one was today and I might have to retake it, 'cause the questions were weird), my practise has started, I moved (new four room aparment, yay!) and I'm babysitting five cats for a month - just count them all, I know you wont ;)

So yeah, fic won't be in Big Bang, but I'll still finish it now that life's gotten a little less crazy. Still too bad, I really want to get it done on time.

Hopefully my Yuletide fic will go better - the limit is only 1 000 words and now all my moving exams are over I will actually have some damn free time!
Tags: big bang, fic, rants, writing, yuletide

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