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03 September 2010 @ 12:30 am
Movie Night  

I wasted yet another day excellent for studying and doing laundry and stuff with watching movies. Said movies where:

Mysterious Skin
Well, this was a traumatizing piece of cinema. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but it's good in that kind of 'oh my god how could this possibly give me any more mental scars - ah, like that!'-way.

I'd liken it to Lilya 4-Ever with added Joseph Gordon-Levitt and pedophilia.

If there's someone who hasn't seen it, this movie is about two boys: Brian and Neil (Gordon-Levitt) who had bad shit happen to them when they were eight. Bad shit kept happening to Neil (partly of his own choice, though you can argue that point for hours) while Brian has no memory of the bad shit and tries to find ANSWERS! any way he can.

For trauma the movie starts out with an eight year old watching his mother sucking off her boyfriend and goes downhill from there. I mean, a movie that can start with an eight year old boy's crush on his baseball coach being used in all possible terrible ways against him and then keeps on getting creepier and more heart-wrenching scores points.

I don't know what kind of points, but points non the less. And it has a good cast.

In short:
See it, if only to challenge yourself not to throw stuff at the TV and wake your neighbors up with your angry shouting.


Just the pick-me-up I needed after Mysterious Skin. This one I even got my fakeance to watch and we had a ton of fun. I've actually not watched Snatch or any Guy Richie-movies other than Sherlock Holmes (2009) (to my knowledge), so I guess that was a bonus. From what I heard RocknRolla got less attention since it was pretty similar to what Richie had done before (can't comment on that though, for obvious reasons).

That aside this movie was very funny, especially when watched with a friend that has the same sense of humor as oneself. The story focuses on a ton of characters in London's underworld, whose lives and actions end up entangled because of two heists, a dead-but-not rock star, a vanished painting and lots of property trading.

There are some really funny jokes, plot-twists and one epic chase scene. If that doesn't sell it to you Tom Hardy place a guy called Handsome Bob. Why he's my favorite character is a spoiler - a spoiler that doesn't quite ruin the movie, but don't ruin the funny moments by reading through the Wikipedia article before watching. The plot-twists are entertainment!

In short:
Watch, preferably with a friend with a sense of humor, so you can point out brilliant moments to each other and laugh your asses off. Also wouldn't recommend watching it drunk - the plot isn't rocket science, but there's a mob of characters to keep track of!

Whatever do you mean Inception has influenced my choice of movies? I have no idea what you're talking about *innocent whistling*
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