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27 August 2010 @ 11:28 pm
My life is a running joke...  
...and I love it!

Okay, so as I said in an earlier post I'm engaged, only not. Also the place I live in has bed bugs. They're not in my room anymore, but some of my less brilliant neighbors are too lazy to sanitize theirs and thus now sleep on the couches in the common room instead of in their own apartments.

So yeah, one of those things suck. Which has led to a further escalations of the engagement joke.

In short, I'm moving in with my fiance. Probably this November.

Now, just living together doesn't really mean anything. It's a modern age and all that. So of course we had to take it a step further.

In Sweden we have a cliche called "Villa, Vovve, Volvo", which translates to "House, Doggie, Volvo", to sum up what average married people usually buy once they settle down. Our plan is to call our "collective" (yes, we call sharing apartments 'collectives' here - Swedes are just weird like that) Villa and then we're going to get a dog. We will name the dog Volvo.

Yes, this is all for the lulz (+ my fiance really wants a dog). Our moving-in party will also be our official engagement party, just to really mess with people's heads.

In other news, I'm preparing for a Tolkien-nerd-off. This means a lot of research. Basically I'm doing more studying for this than any sane person would or should. I nearly cleared out the city library in my quest for Tolkien knowledge.

Anyone who has Tolkien-related questions, challenge me! I need the practise :)

Also I'm a little obsessed with harp music at the moment. I'm not a fan of Owl City (to be honest I've never even heard their songs, so I don't dislike them either), but I ran across this on Youtube and it's been on repeat ever since. Very inspiring, especially when writing fantasy.
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Listening to: Fireflies (Harp cover) - Owl City