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21 August 2010 @ 08:58 pm
Oh-boy, time doesn't like me and the relationship is mutual. Way too long since I got on a computer and did some real work (read: fics, role-playing and lj-spamming).

Thus, spoiler-filled rant time!

Inception is easily my biggest obsession right now. The movie is mind-blowing and not at all as confusing as some people would have you believe. Granted I might have been way too into scifi, fantasy and other crimes against logic since birth, so the whole keep-track-of-whose-head-they're-in wasn't much of a challenge for me, but still.

The thing I loved most about it is, as always when I love something, the characters. Yes, the story and action was epic, but I loved the characters first and foremost and that's what's important to me.

As a heist movie, which is sort of was, it works exceptionally well, since all members of the team were needed. There was no comic relief character (the movie was funny though), just interesting people working together.


Cobb: Knows how to do Inception, as well as the only one who's ever been to Limbo.

Arthur: Even though he screws up the research somewhat, he figures out how to make people fall in zero gravity, in 3 minutes!

Saito: The money - the guy that makes it all possible and gives Cobb his life back.

Ariadne: Oh. My. God. A female character that's actual vital to the plot? And who doesn't have a romance with any of the other main characters? (Yes she does get tricked into kissing Arthur, but that was a joke, not the start of a romance, at least not in-movie) I may just faint. She builds the dreams, as well as makes sure Cobb doesn't get them all killed. She is awesome.

Eames: He's Eames, what more can I say? He makes more than one vital trick possible and then blows up a hospital just in time! Also, he's funny as hell.

Yusuf: Knows his way around a chemistry set and can do a three-sixty with a van while under gunfire - and he has a cat, what's not to love?

Mal: I adore the fact that she just was a manifestation of Cobb's breaking mind. And that she was an awesome person when alive. Need to read more fic with Mal in them!

This and the fact that they're all so loyal and affectionate towards one another (yes even Eames) - within reason of course - just sells this to me. There was no traitor, no clumsy pointless guy, nothing that'd make you scream your head off at the stupidity of it all. Just lots of action, a great plot, great special effects and great characters.

In short, everyone in the world, WATCH THIS NOW!

And I must gush over my new OTP, which seems to have taken over the fandom: Arthur/Eames <3

Even if Eames' constant use of pet names for Arthur most likely only was meant as joke, to a slash girl like myself this just screams implications. Their personalities are just so much fun to write "against each other" and then there's that exchange in the hotel room before level 3 (if you've seen the movie and also ship them, you know which one I mean)...

So of course I've been preaching this gospel since I saw the movie and search for fics. Turns out there's a lot of fics. In fact, inception_kink's Delicious account updates so often with filled prompts that I have to refresh each page before going to the next, so I won't miss anything :D

This said I must now of course also write fic. And I just found out from onidoko that this exists: inception_bang

And the word limit is only 15 000...and I don't start school until the 9th of September...

Damn, I'm going to do this, aren't I? I'll just have to figure out which of my many fic ideas would be suitable as a big bang.

Now for something completely different:

As big of a Holmes fan as I am I was slightly doubtful when I found out BBC had made a "modern time AU" of my favorite detective. And when I saw the trailer I thought, "hey, this might be like what Smallville was for Superman, at least I'll get some lulz out of it."

Boy was I wrong.

Sherlock is a surprisingly true to the original, witty and sadly short 3 episode homage to Sir Conan Doyle. If you like Holmes, watch it. You'll get kicks out of the references and love the British humor and sarcasm. It's like reading a very good modern day AU fic, only with actual actors.

From what I've heard there's more on the way, which is great, since the last episode is the mother of all cliff-hangers (bloody Doctor Who writers, they do this even when they're not writing scifi!)

And as for my third obsession...

Granted I've been very negative towards Supernatural and all who love it. Why? Well, because I've been a prejudice bitch, that's why.

I see a show with the tag-line "Scary Just Got Sexy", staring Hot Guy #1 and #2, with a fandom that seems to consist of 90% incest fics and I must admit I draw certain conclusions.

And I'm not saying those were the right conclusions in the least - SPN-fans are probably mostly awesome people, incest just happens to be a kink that squicks me and that's my problem - but I admit I had trouble considering wasting time on a show that I thought would be no-over-all-plot-just-two-pretty-boys-ripping-their-shirts-off-and-beating-werewolves-with-no-fics-to-interest-me.

So what changed my mind and made me watch all damn 5 seasons in two weeks?

His name is Castiel. He's the angel of Thursday, he wears a beige longcoat and he's played by Misha Collins, who is an awesome and talented actor.

In short, as soon as I realized there might be fics out there that'd interest me, as well as funny scenes with interesting angels I've been missing out on, I decided to give it a try.

It was worth it.

Not only did I discover that the main cast of Supernatural is damn talented, there's an actual plot! And when I say plot, I mean the writer bloody well planned the story from Episode 1 Season 1 to Episode 22 Season 5. Even the cracky episodes had plot points in them!

Seriously, few things make me as happy as continuity, especially in TV from the US, where a coherent, thought-out plot tends to be sort of overlooked (yes I'm looking at you Lost, shame on you!)

Season 5 of Supernatural is easily my favorite, which is rare. With book series I do tend to like the later books better, as character development general has made the characters more interesting at that point, but TV shows...well, they do tend to start great and end...less great.

Now all we have to fear is Season 6 messing it all up, since the main writer (Eric Kripke? I'm too lazy to look it up right now, may edit it in later) only had 5 seasons planned out and the network now demands a 6th season, with a new main writer.

Oh well, the 5 first seasons still rock!

Okay, back to fic plotting and role-playing for me! And I need to find a totem...
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