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15 July 2010 @ 01:10 am
Exhaustion and Lies That Won't DIE!  
Working five hours a day outdoors, teaching 45+ kids to swim for two weeks really knocks me out I've noticed. Spending last weekend helping a friend move horses between grazing areas didn't exactly help with being tired either.

Come Friday I might have the energy to reply to the lovely comments on "Open Secrets", as well as do other social-Internet-things.

In other news I'm back watching True Blood. I lost interest somewhere midway through Season 1 - too many random sex scenes, not enough story - but Season 2 caught my attention again, mostly thanks to my dad, who loves True Blood.

Alexander Skarsgård getting more screen time is awesome - I'm really enjoying the direction they're going with his character and I love his child Pam, who is wonderfully bitchy without being pointlessly cruel. And yes, I admit, listening to people speaking Swedish on a TV show out of the US makes me happy.

The over all storylines for Season 2 and 3 just interests me more than Season 1. Maybe it's because we've gotten to know the characters better and that the more "annoying" ones (I'm looking at you Jason Stackhouse!) got moments to shine or maybe it was just funnier (teacup humans, anyone?). In short: I just like it more.

I've really got no true complaints regarding the current show (what's Narm to some is Narm Charm to me I suppose) except one thing:

Jessica's mutated hymen.

*deep breath*

Okay I know the research-fail and myth around this part of the female body is fairly wide-spread and not a lot is getting done to shed some light on the misconception of what a hymen is, but where I come from this is very basic knowledge of anatomy.

True Blood writers, if you ever come across this rant, know this:


Seriously, no!

A hymen is located about 1 centimeter inside the vagina's opening. It's a fold of mucous membrane and it surrounds the vagina. It can partially cover the external opening, but it doesn't have to and it sure as hell isn't "designed to break" when a girl has penetrative sex for the first time.

For fuck's sake, Wikipedia knows this!

There's been a lot of research done on this in Sweden, since the myth about it is so damn persistent. So far they've confirmed that there's no sure way to tell a 3-years-old from a mother of three by looking at the hymen alone (we're not talking rape here, though that too can be tricky and the hymen heals with enough time!) and that only 40% of Swedish women say they've bled losing their virginity and most of them only go discolored discharge.

So yes, some do bleed, but that's hardly strange. The first time you have sex you're nervous, you're body is new to it, so it doesn't know how to react and you don't know how to relax correctly (it's just like when you put a tampon in for the first time!). Also if you're not "turned on enough" there's simply not enough lubricant for things to go smoothly, so to speak, and the hymen can tear a little.

Jessica obviously experience pain the first time and bled. Not strange since she was nervous and probably concentrating a lot on not biting the guy, so she couldn't really just relax and enjoy. It's like when you learn to walk: at first the body isn't sure on what to do with the muscles, but with enough practice it'll work out and before long you'll be running.

What I'm saying is: Jessica should have not problem learning to have sex without it hurting and if doctors and midwives who've been looking women between the legs for years can't tell a virgin from a non-virgin by looking at the hymen, then however could Jessica do so?!

Shame on you writers, back to school!

But maybe I'm wrong and the writers haven't critically failed at sex ed (I bloody well hope so!). Maybe poor Jessica suffers from hymen imperforatum that now never can be fixed. And that would suck, a lot - but seeing as she's well into her teens when she gets turned she's probably had her period for quite a while and would have gotten damn sick if no one operated on that...

Okay that explanation was unlikely. But maybe - and this I think (or rather, hope) is the likelier theory - maybe Jessica simply freaked out since she noticed she's "all healed up" (since she did bleed a little), feels around a bit and everything feels like it always has. This leads her to draw the conclusion that her hymen is "still intact", which freaks her out and she thus feels pain every time she has sex because she's always tense, nervous and expecting pain.

Please, please let this be the explanation!

This is, I admit, a very small detail in the show, so why am I going apeshit over it?


I'm pretty sure most women agree that this hymen-myth royally fucks up women's view of sex and their own bodies, as long as we pretend it's the truth. I can't describe the relief I felt the first time I found out it was all lies (around the age of 13 I should think), since I, like all teens, was quite looking forward to having sex one day and didn't really relish the thought of it having to involve bleeding and pain on my part.

Think about it. For a female virgin, how much of that first-time pain and worry is fueled by the "knowledge" that it's "supposed to hurt"? And what about that mutilating "reconstructive surgery" they do to make sure women are virgins on their wedding nights?

It's sick and you're not helping.

End rant.
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