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Engagement ring!

So I'm finally back in the South of Sweden and I got a belated X-mas present from one of my friends.

We have this running joke in our corridor that started a while back. There's this one guy, a little older than me, that I've been friends with since I moved in two years ago. We have sort of the same kind of humor and are both insane nerds, so we get along very well. Also, as a lot of people move out after only a term, we've know each other longer than any others of our neighbors.

This had led to us hanging out quite a bit, especially this last term. Which somehow ended with some of the more conservative exchange students drawing conclusions - 'cause a guy and a gal can't take walks for the company and exercise, right? So we found out through another corridor friend that some of the guys here had decided we were together. As in together together.

Now, no offense to my friend, but he's not my type. And he has younger siblings that are older than me. So, no. But, us having a similar sense of humor, decided to play along with this and announce our engagement. And we refuse to say otherwise until we've gotten presents from everyone of our friends!

Us being us this joke is still on even though it's a couple of months old. But we still find it hilarious (especially those of our friends who still do doubt-takes and wonder if we're serious...after two months of pulling their legs. Really.) so this is what my fakeance gave me for X-mas:

Jupp, an engagement ring. A mood ring in fact. Shaped like a unicorn (though you probably can't tell with the crappy picture). So yeah, I'm entertained for the next few hours. Will have a lot of fun showing it off in class tomorrow.
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