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27 November 2009 @ 11:27 pm
Original Yuletide Sign-Up Info  
Almost forgot to add my original sign-up to my Dear Author Letter, so here it is now:

Request Fandom 1: The Addams Family (tv)
Request FandomChar 1: Gomez Addams/Morticia Addams

Request Detail 1:
I really love Morticia and Gomez, as characters and as a couple. I'll put a "Yuletide Letter" on my livejournal with more details of what I tend to like in fics (which you of course are free to use or ignore, as you see fit), but in short I'd like to read a fic about them being themselves. A plot would be lovely as well - perhaps Gomez being kidnapped by someone who wants all the Addams' money? And the rest of the family, lead by Morticia, must rescue him? - but what I especially wish for is Morticia and Gomez, being awesome and in character.

Request Fandom 2: A Knights Tale
Request FandomChar 2: Chaucer/Wat

Request Detail 2:
I'm a shameless slasher of Chaucer/Wat. I also enjoy the dynamics of the whole gang and would love to see what they get up to after the movie, so to speak. Some drama and action would be lovely and including Chaucer's work as a spy would be an added bonus.

Request Fandom 3: Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes series
Request FandomChar 3: John H Watson/Sherlock Holmes

Request Detail 3:
I love Holmes and Watson, both as friends and as a couple. And I love mysteries. In short, whether you feel like writing them as a couple or not, I really like their chemistry and would love to read about them solving a tricky case, as well as getting into a bit of trouble too.

Request Fandom 4: The Thundercats
Request FandomChar 4: Tygra

Request Detail 4:
Thundercats was a big part of my childhood and my favorite character has always been Tygra. I always feel nostalgic when I watch it, though it sadly isn't as good as I remember it being. Therefore I'd like a more "serious" taken on the series - meaning people actually bleeding and dying in fights, people not being all "good" or all "evil" and so on. Any kind of setting is fine; past, present, future, AU, anything. I'd just like it to have Tygra as the main character (or at least one of them) and _not_ have him paired with Cheetara. Any other pairings are fine though.
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