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13 May 2009 @ 12:12 am
Star Trek spoilers!  
So, I just saw the new Star Trek Movie. It was 99% awesome-

Uhm, why didn't Uhura get to do anything? Seriously.

Now, I'm by no means saying that she didn't have character. She was obviously an intelligent human being with a developed personality. What she didn't have was a moment to shine.

Let's compare her to the rest of the main cast:

Kirk and Spock - okay, so comparing her to these two is unfair, as they're supposed to be the Big Damn Heroes of this movie. The rest of the guys however...

Chekov - Got to have that epiphany with the transporters = saved Sulu and Kirk's lives.

Sulu - Got to destroy the drill and save Kirk from falling to his death. His fighting skills = the reason Kirk isn't crisps.

Scotty - Came up with the "eject the warp core to save us from the Big Black Hole"-idea.

McCoy - Got Kirk on board the Enterprise with the "he's my patient"-trick. Basically, without that = no Kirk = no Earth or Enterprise.

Uhura - Got to...I have no clue. Yes, she did a lot of stuff. She heard and translated the distress signal, but Kirk was the one who actually did anything with the information. She had a romance going on with Spock, which wouldn't have bothered me half as much had it actually affected Spock's decisions or emotional state significantly.
But no. Sure she's smart, but she doesn't act. Here job could just as well have been done by a computer or other random cast member - as long as the people who gave orders or came up with the actual ideas are still there the outcome would have been the same. And her romance with Spock, what did that bring to the movie? You could have completely removed that and Spock would still have done basically the same things. They kissed at random moments (to show Spock's human side? Seen that! To show how "distant" he is? His mother got killed and he's still calmly captaining a star ship!), but it's just space-filling, nothing relevant to plot or character development.
In short: She wasn't affecting the plot, she was a effin' plot device!

Now, maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe Uhura did get to do something for the plot. And I would love if that was true! She's a cool character, she should get to do cool things (ex. why couldn't she have come up with something brilliant when their communication was down, seeing as she's the communications officer?! Again, no...) or at least have a point, other than looking pretty. All the others in the main cast got to help the plot along, why not her?

If someone who disagrees with me happens to read this little rant and feels like pointing out any such plot-affecting Uhura might have done, please do! Knowing she actually did something I simply missed would redeem this movie completely for me. You'd be doing me a favor.

Okay, end rant. Still a great movie, go see it if you haven't already!

PS. Cameron is Kirk's mother...this explains everything!
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