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12 November 2008 @ 03:31 am
Yuletide Letter  
It's Yuletide time and I'm extremely exited! Please forgive my rant-y letter and remember that these are mere guidelines for the gift fic. I'd be ever so happy it they are "followed", but I'll be just as happy to find a fic in any of my chosen fandoms in my inbox near X-mas *smile*

Edited the 12th of November
Just tried to make it more readable and added a few, small things to what I like and "the Mummy".

Here are some things I'd love for you to include in the fic I wished for. Obviously they can't all go into one fic – unless it's very, very long or you are very nimble with words, but I digress – but to have even one of them (and for having the things I like less not included) would make me happy .


Quick Glossary (just in case)
OTP = One True Pairing. If one has a OTP in any fandom, one rarely likes pairing the characters involved with anyone but the preferred partner.
UST = Unresolved Sexual Tension. Two (or more) characters are in love/lust and thus act rather awkward/lusty/however they now react, around one another.
H/C = Hurt/Comfort. One characters get hurt (to what degree may wary, it's all from disappointment to torture) and another character comforts them.

There isn't really a genre I don't like. Be it angst, fluff, AU or strictly canon, I'll read it and love it as long as the plot's interesting and the characters act like themselves.

The only thing I really have to say on this, is that I'd prefer a happy ending rather than a really sad one. I'll be reading the fic close to X-mas and the New Year and I like being happy at that time of the year. So even if death!fic and unrequited love can be beautifully written, it'd likely dampen my holiday spirit.

On the other hand, I relish angst with a happy ending or h/c *evil grin*

Smut, especially if any of my favorite characters or OTPs are involved, is always welcomed and looked upon with gratitude and pleasure. However, I do actually prefer plot, even with my smut. If I had to choose, I'd pic a plot-y, UST-filled PG-13 fic over a NC-17 wam-bam-thank you ma'am PWP any day (especially if the UST is resolved, at least a little, at the end of the fic).

In other words, NC-17 is welcome, as long as the fic doesn't feel like it could be any two characters having sex, for absolutely no reason.

Things That Make Me Happy
1. Anticipation, tension and suspense. Be it UST, a manhunt for a dangerous killer or a rush against time to save someone's life – if it keeps me on the edge of my seat, I'm happy.
2. Messing with gender roles, in any way.
3. Culture-clashes, where both cultures are seen as equals, only different.
4. “Realistic” takes of cartoons. People actually bleeding and dying for a change, children having parents and not just popping up out of the ground, those sort of things.
5. Plot-twists I adore, as long as they make sense.
6. Slash, het or femslash – they're all good as long as there's chemistry in the pairing. I do however prefer the main pairing to include at least one of my favorite characters and I am very attached to my OTPs (they are listed by fandom further down). But secondary pairings are of course also possible.
7. Kidnappings, for any reason. I don't know why, I just like those sort of plots.
8. Vulnerability for otherwise strong characters. Through being wounded, kidnapped, drugged, bested (even if the person's just pretending to lose to please someone else) or in any other way you can think of.
9. Role reversals (usual rescuer being rescued, “weaker” character saves the day, otherwise more worldy character is courted/secdues/approached by otherwise more “naive” character, etc.)
10. More fandom specific stuff further down....

Things That Make Me...Less Happy
1. Character-bashing. I seldom hate characters in any of the fandoms I'm in, and if I did, I'd just prefer them to be kept out of the fic, not made even stupider/more annoying than they already are.
2. Out Of Character behavior.
3. Word clichés. “Those hands/eyes/other body parts” is a good example I prefer to have avoided. Any description or other sentence that you've read a thousand times in a thousand other fics/books goes into this category.
4. Descriptions instead of names. It gets confusing. Once or twice in a long text, to create diversity is fine, but reading sentences like “the doctor said to his friend that the food was cold and the detective answered...” when one knows perfectly well that the people in question are Holmes and Watson = no thank you.
5. Scat, golden showers and bestiality. Perhaps a rare thing to be offered during Yuletide, or any general challenge for that matter, but I like to cover my bases.
6. High School AUs or anything that has to do with schools in general - unless it's canon of course. I've just read far too many fics with that as a theme. Same goes for sports. No AUs where the main characters are football players/swimmers/dancers, please.
7. Plots centered around amnesia or memory loss, main characters switching bodies, sex changes (I usually like this in original fiction, but as with so many other things, I've seen it too often and thus grown tired of it)

Things Concerning Sex (These things make me smile)
(In other words; ignore this, if there's no sex involved in your fic)
1. “Hot Spots”, i.e. one or both of the characters in a pairing see starts when they, for example, have their ear licked or stomach caressed.
2. Foreplay and teasing (both verbal and otherwise). Doesn't actually have to lead to sex – the teasing is fun it itself.
3. Playful dominance/submission. Nothing too serious and preferably instigated by the “sub”. Small gestures, such as holding the other's hands still, biting, rough play, verbally dominating someone...
4. Vanilla sex. Although kinky is wonderful, I don't require it to like the smut; as long as the characters are themselves and interact believably, I'll love you for it!

Fandom Specifics

Sherlock Holmes: Holmes/Watson is one of my dearest OTPs. If you can't bring yourself to slash them, I adore their friendship just as much as the possibility of a romantic relationship. But please don't get any wife of Watson's too involved in the story. Do what you wish with the fic – place it before marriage took place, after Mary's death or (my personal favorite) decide the marriage was done/invented to conceal the Holmes/Watson loving - as long as I don't have to read 1 000 words of Watson being deeply in love with someone other than Holmes.

As for character interaction, in the slash-y sense, I generally prefer Watson to either be a little on the aggressive side (not angry/violent, just no too repressed about doing sexual things) and very focused on his partner's needs – taking pleasure in the other's pleasure so to speak, whilst Holmes is either inexperienced and “shy”(though no blushing, passive Holmes, please, even if he should happen to be a virgin) or just inexperienced. Later in the relationship I can see Holmes being rather devious and impish when intercourse is concern, able to ignore sex for a long time (during cases for example) and then ready to devote a long time to it, to balance so to speak.
Who makes the first move romantically I'd prefer to be a surprise, if there's to be slash.

Now, that I've ranted on about the slash long enough, I'm going to say a few words about plot. If it's not too much trouble, I'd love to read about a new case of Holmes', rather than a slashier take on one of the canon ones. I love being surprised. If you don't feel like writing a whole case, the end of one is good enough for me.

Other than the original canon, I'm rather in love with the televised version of the stories, where Jeremy Brett plays Holmes, especially the first seasons when David Burke plays Watson – though that was mostly random fact *smile*

The Thundercats: My favorite character is Tygra. Anything, pre-Third Earth, “present” or future placed, with him would make me a very, very happy person. There doesn't have to be a pairing, of any kind in this fic (please just don't pair Tygra and Cheetara; this is because of a personal reason – as a kid me and my friends used to play Thundercats; I'd always be Tygra, one of my best friends was always Cheetara, so now that pairing has become rather incest-like for me. Curse my messed up brain!).

All I ask is that the setting is more “realistic” than the cartoon. Death and angst and not everyone being completely good or completely evil. Otherwise, have fun with it and do whatever you like!

Petshop of Horrors: Here my OTP is Leon/Count D. I'm currently reading the sequel and things aren't quite the same without the interaction between them. Therefore I wish for any kind of reunion between these two, that leads to a happy ending. Bonus for including Chris, T-chan, any of the other pets and the current storyline (Shin Petshop of Horrors/Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo)

The Mummy series (movie): I don't know, but for some reason I fell in love with the character Ardeth Be/ay (I have no preferred spelling) during the first two movies. And there simply isn't enough Mummy fics out there. When it comes to Ardeth, I like him to have a brotherly relationship with Rick – being a sort of uncle to Alex and brother-in-law to Evey.

Who is there to slash him with? Well, I'm not to fond of the Ardeth/Johnathan pairing, but it works if well written. There is of course also a possible Ardeth/Imhotep (then preferably _not_ non-con, but with a “redeemed” Imhotep, powers still intact. A sort of love/hate relationship, which starts out as mostly one sided love on Imhotep's part and hate on Ardeth's). Lock-Nah (from the second movie) could make an interesting "one-sided-second-partner" to Ardeth (no love really, just lust on Lock-Nah's part and hate on Ardeth's). Would like the main pairing to be "romantic" (in other words: not be one-sided).

Other than that I have no real suggestions; make up your own character if you want. I'm in it for the slash *smile*

As for Ardeth's interactions with said love interest: I'd love for him to be the one being “pursued”. At first not at all interest, but later comes around to face his true opinion of it all (what plot-twist triggers this I leave entirely to you).

Other characters: I love the O'Connells. I like Evey, especially when she knows how to fight; Alex is a fun contrast to the adults, but his presence is not requiered. Johnathan is always great to have along!

The third movie doesn't exist in my world, just so you know.

As for the plot...surprise me! *smile* AU is great (especially if it involves even more fantasy than the movies do) or a new threat. Just not “Imohtep has risen from the grave a third time”, please.


Okay, hope that helped instead of killed your inspiration! If you want more info about what I do and don't like, I've got a “kink list” HERE (it's not all smut related).

Otherwise I wish you the best of luck and await my gift eagerly. I'm sure the fic will be great, thank you for being awesome!

*rushes off to get started on her own fic*
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