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08 November 2008 @ 01:23 am
Holmes, Yuletide and Other Stories  
Rediscovered my obsession for Sherlock Holmes a few days ago. As my collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works sadly is at my parents' house, I have resorted to fanfics (though many of them are brilliant - and there is of course much more obvious slash involved there *smile*). I'm also rewatching the BBC series with Jeremy Brett - my favorite Holmes ever.

Speaking of Holmes, I just caught up with the rest of the world and saw that they're making a new movie. Don't know what I think of the cast or general take on the story yet - I've decided not to judge before seeing so to speak. I hope that they don't focus too much on the more "action"-Holmes and the fact that they've included a romance between Holmes and Irene Adler. Personally I love the series for Holmes' genius and the fun oddities in his personality - even my love for Holmes/Watson comes second to that. Holmes is a tricky man to portray, both for actors and writers - in other words, my expectations a fairly low.

However, this renewed interest has brought energy to my writing. I spent more than half a year with severe writer's block, as I was very disappointed in everything I wrote; I was stuck writing pure badness in every way and had no clue as to how to get out of it. So I spent that half a year glaring at empty pages and badly written paragraphs, until it all finally went away and I had - hopefully - evolved a bit as a writer.

I'm currently working on a yet unnamed series of short stories, that might grow further in the future. The first two installments are called "Letter to a Sister" and "Story of a Relationship"; the writing is going so excellent right now that I don't want to jinx it by saying anything else about them.

This improved writing of mine has also made me daring enough to enter Yuletide for a second time. I did manage to finish my story in time the one year I participated (two, perhaps four years ago - I don't remember anymore) and I think I'll manage to do so in even better time this year (as I'm now in university, not high school as I was back then, and can plan my own schedual more easily) with a better fic (I hope).
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