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30 September 2008 @ 08:20 pm
Arabic, Star Trek and vampires  
I've been offline quite a lot recently (meaning these past two months). After a summer working up in my old home town getting back to living on your own and studying isn't all that easy. Learning a language that's entirely new to me isn't exactly a cakewalk either. Thus the lack of computer time or whining here.

Well, not much actually. Me and melodytime have aimed to earn our badge of geekness, by watching Star Trek the Original Series. This was prompted partly by the movie in May, but mostly by this video on youtube and the conversation it spawned. The couple that launched a thousand fanfics indeed; no wonder they're the basis for all what slash stands for.

Of course this has lead to me re-watching Voyager, or at least episodes with vulcans in them. Yes, there's mainly Tuvok in Voyager - whom I fangirled like crazy back when Voyager was on TV and that was the only scifi available to me; we only had 3 channels at home when I was a kid - but Vorik shows up in an ep or two as well. This has of course not helped with my computer time or homework. Curse you vulcan fetish...

Have also started watching "True Blood", which has proved to be a very entertaining show. I must admit to having been a little hesitant of watching it, even when it was introduced to me as "that vampire show Alan Ball is making". Although I loved "Six Feet Under" and love vampires, at least in theory, they are, IMHO, one of the most abused fantasy beings ever to grace literature with their presence. And with a female lead and rumors of more than one love interest, not to mention werewolves a voice in the back of my head started whispering "Twilight" (no offense to "Twilight" fans, it's just not my thing). Not to mention that I just read this really smarmy novel staring a vet that falls in love with some random vampire - alien vampire to be exact (Yes, I read cheap, badly written romance novels to laugh at them - and practice my German).

My prejudice has however proved to be completely mistaken. Yes, the vampires in "True Blood" are very classic in many ways. They can't go out in sunlight, most are unbelievably cruel - or at least emotionally detached from the world, their fangs (that I love) look like part of a Halloween costume, they heal fast, they can't touch silver and so on. Now, with this as a base, the actions of all the vampires and the reactions to them "coming out" is extremely entertaining.

The best thing about it though is, again IMHO, the main characters and the cast in general. I like Sookie. She doesn't feel like Stereotypical Female Lead (tm). She's very human. Even the fact that she has "special powers" doesn't annoy me. She's neither too strong nor too weak. Love, pure love. And I can honestly say I ship her and Bill, which is unusual for me. I'm faving a lot of straight pairings nowadays. Either TV's gotten better or I've just been watching the wrong shows for the last twenty years.

Bill. What to say other than Bill. He cracks me up with his brooding lonewolf routine, at the same times as I find him very sweet and very hot. I like him so much that if I didn't ship him and Sookie I would slash him with nearly any of the guys in the line-up (I hurt the ones I love, yes).

The amount of sex in "True Blood" might be the only thing that's even slight off-putting in this show. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy people having non-porn sex on-screen as much as the next person (porn however I find tedious and dull, go figure). But is there anyone besides Sookie and Bill who isn't having or thinking about having sex as soon as the camera turns on them? Maybe Sookie's grandma. Maybe. Oh well, the incident with the vampire-blood/monster viagra was kinda funny.

I'm actually glad I haven't read the book series the show's based on. Now I can live in blissful ignorance of any mistakes/differences from the original storyline that happen and I haven't been spoiled for what'll happen next, so each new episode has me on the edge of my seat.

Was actually inspired to make some icons by one of the scenes in 4th episode - the one near the end when they're stopped by the police. There's five of them, though two are mostly bases. The icons can be found under 'my icons' here. When I'm less lazy I might go post them in some community. Then again, they kinda suck, so perhaps not.

Credit where credit's due. I didn't quite use a tutorial to make the icons, but I did grab inspiration from two. They can be found here and here.

I must remember to comment and thank them later, but sadly homework calls. Must describe how I define religion, translate about thirty words and memorize a dialog...but first I think I'll take out the trash. And go to the store. And quite possibly write something more entertaining (my sister's birthday is coming up and I'm still not finished with even one of her fics. I suck. And not in the fun way.)
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