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15 February 2008 @ 12:58 am
A short SiriusxRemus fic  
I gave this to fooza as a X-mas present and then, apparently, she and melodytime thought I should post it somewhere. So I have. Any complaints go to them *smile*

Title: Limbo is a Platform
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1162
Summary: Are transparent benches comfortable?
Spoilers: Book seven

He was cold. Well, not really cold, but uncomfortably cool. The cover had probably slipped off. Still, he was too exhausted to open his eyes and check where it had landed.

It’s about to leave now. Should we-?

Let him be.

Did he have his clothes on? And this wasn’t his bed, was it? It was too hard and flat. Felt more like a bench really. Though he had a pillow of a sort; something warm and somewhat soft at least. A leg?

Goodbye then. Might see you around.

Doubt it. But that’s most likely for the best. Say bye for me, will you?

Of course.

A hand slowly tangled itself in his hair. Now this felt oddly familiar. With a sleepy sigh he struggled to get his eyelids out of the way of his pupils, which resulted in him staring up into a pair of eyes he recognised all too well.


The face above him smiled. It looked far more relaxed than the last time he’d seen it. Younger perhaps – less dead as well.

“Well spotted Remus. Were you expecting someone else?”

Remus’ entire body froze for a few seconds. Then he sat bolt upright, nearly knocking his head against the other man’s. Sirius gave a startled noise and almost tipped Remus out of his lap, but the smiles stayed in place.

Speechless Remus took in their surroundings. They were sitting on a bench, a bench that appeared to be located on Platform 9 and 3/4. Remus could only keep looking at it for a few seconds before he felt oddly dizzy. He covered his eyes with his hands, pressing his palms hard against his eyelids. It didn’t help. When he removed them he was still on the bench, next to a smiling Sirius.

This was wrong, very wrong. Not only wasn’t he supposed to be here – the world itself looked out of place. No matter how much he tried, Remus couldn’t catch as much as a glimpse of the faces of the people passing them by. And the walls, the train, even the floor appeared vaguely transparent. Only the bench, himself and Sirius looked like they were truly real. Though he couldn’t really speak for himself; he could be just a faceless as the people walking along the platform. And he could ask Sirius if that was the case, but he didn’t. Some things you just don’t want to know.

“W-what happened?” Remus managed to stutter after a long moment’s shocked silence. “I was in the Great Hall and Tonks was...” He turned around to face Sirius again, which was easier now as both of them were sitting up. Sirius’s smile turned less cheerful.

Something in Remus’ stomach sank. “Oh.” There wasn’t much more to say. The realisation came, together with the memories; his last memories in fact. The feelings that accompanied them were hard to interpret. He had no idea on how to react.

As if to distract him from the confusion an image of Tonks appeared in his mind.

“Tonks! Is she-?”

Sirius nodded, fidgeting slightly in his seat. He lit a cigarette Remus hadn’t seen he was holding and took a deep breath of smoke.

“Where is she then?”

Sirius blew a small, round cloud and didn’t meet Remus’ eyes. “She left.”

“She what?”

“She took the train,” was Sirius’ only explanation, accompanied by a vague gesture with the hand holding the cigarette. Ashes fell from its burning head, never hitting the floor. Remus didn’t notice this as his attention was focused on the empty train tracks Sirius had indicated.

“...I see. And where did it go?”

Sirius only shrugged, still not looking at Remus. “She asked me to say goodbye to you.” A pause, another ring of smoke. “I didn’t ask her to leave, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

Remus, resting his elbows on his knees, covered his face with his hands. The thought had struck him. “I wasn’t. So she just-?”

“Left? Yes.”

They sat in silence from an immeasurable amount of time. A train soundlessly rolled in on the tracks. Remus could tell which direction it had come from, or which it would be leaving in. No one got onboard. The doors remained closed.


Sirius nearly dropped his cigarette. “What?”

“I said ‘good’,” Remus repeated, rubbing his temple with his hands, before letting them fall from his face. “You do remember how much I hate taking sides, don’t you?”

A relieved grin spread over Sirius’ face. He still wasn’t looking at Remus – instead his eyes were focused on something on the other side of the platform. The hmmm he replied with could as easily have been a ‘yes’ as a ‘no’.

More unseen people passed by, the collective sound of shoes and boots hitting the ground creating a soothing background noise. None of them spared the pair on the bench a second glance when Remus suddenly grabbed Sirius’ shoulders and pressed their mouths together.

At first Sirius pulled back a little, but only for a second. The next moment he had his hands tangled in Remus’ robes, deepening the kiss. Remus gave a small, happy moan and slowly moved one of his hands to the back of Sirius’ head. It was a warm, familiar thing to do.

Then, just as suddenly as Remus had started it, he broke it off, breathing a little faster than before, eyes wide. His mouth curled into a smile matching Sirius’. With a breathy laugh he relaxed, leaning his forehead against that of the man he’d been kissing.

“We are much too old to be making out in public like this.”

Sirius replied with a laugh of his own, hugged Remus closer, and then let him go. “Doubt this counts as public.”

This time the silence was comfortable. One of them might have leaned a little against the other – someone’s head might have rested on someone else’s shoulder. There really wasn’t anyone there that took notice except them and at this point it felt as if they’d both stopped caring, if only a little.

“So, what now?”

“That’s up to you really. Should we take the train?”

Remus didn’t answer. The doors on the train were still closed. No one had gotten onboard yet.

The people walking past seemed to slow down ever so faintly. If Remus squinted he could almost make out the hair colour of the women. The men’s faces appeared more prominent, yet still very lifeless. Everything suddenly made much more sense.

Somehow he knew Sirius would have agreed with him on that point, if he'd only asked. He didn’t.

Sirius took a last drag of his cigarette and threw it into the crowd. It disappeared before it could reach anything human shaped. “Never mind the train. We apparently have places to be. You feel that?”

Slowly the bustling crowd around them began to fade, leaving the platform deserted. Remus closed his eyes briefly.

“Yes, very clearly. Shall we go then?”

The platform followed the crowd’s example. A solitary couple was standing just about three feet away from the bench, looking like they’d always been there. One of them was a redheaded woman, the other a man with glasses.

“After you.”
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halfway out of the dark: stars and moonyvenilia on February 15th, 2008 12:56 am (UTC)
This is so oddly sweet. I like it.
Nonesane: How to keep Daleks awaynonesane on February 15th, 2008 12:58 am (UTC)
Oddly sweet was sort of what I was going for *smile* fooza (who this was a gift for) wanted SiriusxRemus life-after-death fluff and this is how I imagined that being. Happy you liked it!